Bach – Little Fugue Sequence

I think I knew what a fugue was in high school, but the genius and beauty of Bach Fugues finally hit me when I was in my first year at UCLA.

I remember my theory professor Dr. Carlson sharing some recordings from Bach’s Art of Fugue when we were learning beginning counterpoint. As soon as the second layer was added to the original subject, my friends and I started quietly beatboxing. We couldn’t help it…..This music grooves SO HARD and makes me think that Bach would have been an epic music producer if he was alive today.

As you practice this, strive for consistency. Choose your dynamic and articulation BEFORE YOU BEGIN. Use a drone on the root note (first note of the sequence) to help you tune your intervals. This was originally written for the organ, so I like to imagine blowing identical lengths and shapes of air at each note. 

Happy Practicing!!

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