John Williams – Raiders March Sequence

This sequence is the iconic melody that represents our favorite world-saving archeologist, Indiana Jones.

John Williams Sequences

Only a true master composer can write musical themes that are so compelling and memorable that they stick in your head more than the actual movie. Well, John Williams is a TRUE MASTER.

I try my best to pull music from all areas of life to make my sequences, but I just can’t stay away from John Williams. This theme from Indiana Jones is my 6th sequence written by Mr. Williams, and I would bet that there are more coming.

Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme), Harry Potter (Harry’s Wondrous World), Star Wars (The Force Theme), Witches of Eastwick, Hook.

Fun Facts

Indiana Jones was first named Indiana Smith in the early stages of writing. Steven Spielberg wanted to make a “Bond movie” and George Lucas got him interested by billing Indiana Jones as “Bond without the gadgets.”


The music is a jaunty march that’s full of adventure. Play with a confident sound and keep your articulations as crisp as a whip-crack as you bounce through this melody. Strive to phrase over the barlines and maintain your tempo as you approach the end.


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Happy Practicing!

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