John Williams – Witches of Eastwick Sequence

This sequence is based on the Devil’s Dance from John Williams’ score to the 1987 film, Witches of Eastwick.

John Williams

With a mountain Academy Award, Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and Grammy nominations for his film and television scores, it is easy to only know SOME of John Williams’ incredible music. I had never heard of the movie Witches of Eastwick or the music, and must credit my wife Caroline for introducing me to it.

It is no surprise that the film is filled with memorable themes and vivid soundscapes. The theme to Devil’s Dance acts as the main theme to the film, appearing throughout the movie in countless variations.

Check out the Boston Pops shredding the Devil’s Dance in the video below. As a bass trombonist, I need to give a shout out to Doug Yeo for dropping the HAMMER at 1:15. Legend


This dance feels like a diabolical jig, or the evil cousin of an Italian Tarantella. There is a relentless driving pulse that pushes the tune forward. Make sure to emphasize the meter to help this feel dancable and bring out the accents and sforzandos for an extra touch of evil. Strive for the clarity of articulation displayed by the oboe and harpsichord? that first introduce this theme.

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