Robert Tindle

This page is dedicated to all things Robert Tindle, and his Bass Trombone concerto, At Sixty Miles an Hour. Purchase the piece for Orchestra, Wind Band, or Piano reduction HERE.

Wind Band Premiere with UCLA

In May 2018, Robert and I collaborated with Travis Cross and the UCLA Wind Ensemble to bring the concerto to wind band. Enjoy the video of the premiere below.

Piano Reduction

In May 2017, Robert and I recorded the piano reduction in Nichols Concert Hall, at the Music Institute of Chicago in Evanston Illinois.

Sound by Keenan Recording.

Mvt 1: There’s a Beacon Fair
Mvt 2: There Falls a Flood of Fire

Commission Background

From March 6-20, 2016, I performed as the Artist in Residence with the Southeast Iowa Symphony (SEISO). The SEISO has been giving concerts in the Burlington, Ottumwa, and Mt. Pleasant areas for the last 65 years, and is lead by Maestro Bob McConnell.

Robert Tindle and Bob McConnell reviewing the score to the concerto
Bob and Robert reviewing the score.

I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Robert Tindle at ‪FredBrass 2015‬. He attended as the winner of the composition competition, and I was inspired by his fun personality and the raw energy that emanates from his music. Listen to his winning piece, Where Heroes Lie. Robert was the perfect person to write this concerto.

SEISO Bass Trombone Concerto Success

The concerto was a smash hit. Follow the links below for information.

Program Notes

Review of the Premiere

Interview with composer Robert Tindle


Those familiar with my GetFluent2019 project will not be surprised to see I made six sequences out of favorite moments from the concerto.

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 1

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 2

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 3

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 4

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 5

At Sixty Miles an Hour Sequence 6


It is hard to express the joy and fulfillment this project has given me. I have learned about the commission process, become great friends with Robert, performed for my friends and family, and hopefully inspired other musicians to make new music. I look forward to hearing all of the wonderful music that Robert writes in the future, and I am eagerly looking for opportunities to commission more music.