Wagner – Rhinemaiden Motive Sequence

This sequence comes from the beginning of Das Rheingold, the first of four operas that make up Richard Wagner‘s epic Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Wagner Sequences

If you have checked out my other sequences, you will know that I love Wagner and his Ring Cycle. If you want to play some Ring inspired scales or arpeggios, channel your inner Dragon Slayer, or build a Godly Low Range, I’ve got you covered.


A Rhinemaiden is Wagner’s blend of a mermaid, siren, and water fairy. There are three of them, and they “guard” the Rheingold. I put guard in quotations because the gold is stolen in the first act, setting off a multi-generational chain of events that is this 20ish hour musical epic.

This sequence comes from the very beginning of Das Rheingold, as the Rhinemaidens are being introduced.

Wagner quotes this Leitmotif (musical fragment) throughout the four operas, and it returns in full at the very end of the final opera, Götterdämmerung, when the Rhine overflows to end the story.


Play this sequence with your sweetest sound and with a liquid smooth legato. Strive to save your breath for between the 4th and 5th bar, like a singer would.

Listen to the original to dial in the style and HAPPY PRACTICING.

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Happy Practicing!

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