David Newman – Jingle All The Way Sequence

This sequence is based off of a heroic theme from the main title music for David Newman‘s score to Jingle All The Way.


Although it’s the season for sugar coating everything, I’ll cut the fluff and get strait to the point: I chose this sequence because I love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold is the definition of the American Dream. He is an Austrian immigrant who rose to the top of the bodybuilding world, leveraged his fame into an acting career, then went on to become Governor of California. Only Arnold could take a movie inspired by the cabbage patch doll frenzy and turn it into a silly holiday classic.

In Jingle All The Way, Arnold plays a workaholic Dad who (sadly) tries to buy his son’s love by getting him a TurboMan doll for Christmas. Unfortunately, by the time Arnold hits the store on Christmas Eve, the doll is sold out everywhere. He goes to great lengths to secure a doll, including brawling with a warehouse full of Santas.

This movie satirizes the wild consumerism rush that hits America every year in December. It is more awesomely-bad than good, but for me, Arnold makes it fun.

I believe Christmas is more about who you are with than what presents you get, and I hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones this week.


Composer David Newman was born to write movie music. He is the son of nine-time Oscar-winning composer Alfred Newman, the older brother of Thomas NewmanMaria Newman and the cousin of Randy Newman, all of whom are also composers. The Newman family is the most nominated Academy Award extended family, with a collective 92 nominations in various music categories!

His score for Jingle All The Way sounds like a western set in the North Pole. The main title features jaunty dotted rhythms that make me think of riding a horse…..or reindeer, brought to life with heavy brass, shimmering cymbals and big string flourishes. This movie is more about the stress of the holiday season than the magic, so the helter-skelter music is fitting.


This sequence comes from the main title music, which shows all of the wild musical elements I mentioned above.

This heroic sequence is great for working on your crisp articulations and intonation. Play it with a sound stronger than Schwarzenegger, listen to the original to dial in the style, and remember to get your shopping done early!

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Happy Practicing!

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