Interview with Robert Tindle

Robert Tindle


“All I ask as a composer, is that people give the same dedication to performing my music as I do to writing it.”

–Robert Tindle–

If you meet Robert Tindle, he will try to tell you that he is an ordinary sophomore in college studying music theory and composition. I have to disagree.

Ordinary kids don’t start playing music at two, arranging music before they turn 10, or composing at 13. Ordinary kids don’t write 20 minute Bass Trombone Concertos that on the debut performance, “capture the hearts and minds of the audience.”

He will never say it, but I will. This guy is special. He is a special mix of exuberance, creativity, focus, drive, and friendliness that can write captivating and beautiful music. I had a blast picking his brain about his early life, influences, creative process, favorite composers, and more.

Premieres do not come our way often, and “Sixty,” concerto for bass trombone and orchestra, was a WOWZER.” – BOB SAAR, writer for The Burlington Hawk Eye


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Show notes

  • Robert’s musical beginnings (5:20)
  • Format of a composition lesson (10:12)
  • Robert’s inspiration to start composing (15:39)
  • Favorite composers (19:38)
  • View on compositional limitations and Shostakovich (22:16)
  • Robert describes his compositional style (26:23)
  • Favorite non classical bands (29:56)
  • Compositional routines (31:42)
  • The biggest challenge he faces (36:47)
  • How he responds to musicians that say, “Your music is too hard” (38:00)
  • Robert’s other creative outlets (41:00)
  • Inspiration behind the name “At 60 Miles an Hour” (43:19)
  • Musical bucket list (51:13)
  • Robert’s tentative plan for after graduation (53:55)
  • Pizza philosophy and record consumption (56:00)
  • Advice on which of his compositions to listen to first (58:33)

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Pizza with Robert and my wife Caroline in Chicago

Pizza in Chicago with Robert and my wife Caroline

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