SEISO Residency Overview

Photo Courtesy Omni Photography by Phil Pool

Photo Courtesy Omni Photography by Phil Pool

From March 6-20, 2016, I performed as the Artist in Residence with the Southeast Iowa Symphony (SEISO). The SEISO has been giving concerts in the Burlington, Ottumwa, and Mt. Pleasant areas for the last 65 years, and is lead by Maestro Bob McConnell.

The residency included performing and teaching at 17 elementary, middle, and high schools, giving multiple free public recitals, and culminated with three solo performances with the SEISO.

SEISO School Visits

In addition to the outreach and performance opportunities, the SEISO agreed to help me commission a new piece for solo bass trombone and orchestra. Few things are more satisfying than performing the world premiere of a piece of music, and the feeling is multiplied when you are collaborating with friends.

Robert Tindle

Robert Tindle

Robert Tindle, is an inspiring composer who I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with at FredBrass 2015‬. He attended as the winner of the composition competition, which he won with a great piece for brass ensemble called Where Heroes Lie. I was inspired by his fun personality and the raw energy that emanates from his music.

While working with him last summer, we became friends and tossed around the idea of of working on some new music together (‪#‎FredBrassEffect‬ ). I didn’t expect for an opportunity to arise so soon, but we are super excited to share the piece with the SEISO community and you all.

Program Notes – At 60 Miles An Hour

Concert #1 – Burlington 3/19 – Review in the Burlington Hawkeye

Concert #2 – Ottumwa 3/20

Concert #3 – Mt. Pleasant 3/20

Interview with Robert Tindle

If you are interested in purchasing and performing this piece, or any of Robert’s works, visit his website for details.


Daily Blog

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The videos below contain some of my favorite passages from the new concerto, At 60 Miles An Hour.


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