John Williams – Harry Potter Sequence 1

I was one of those kids that read each Harry Potter book in about a day. I would get so locked in to the stories that I would forget meals and stay up through the night reading, always hungry for the next plot twist.

I am so thankful that John Williams created the musical world of Harry Potter. His writing is unique, and dynamic, and so fun to play. His music brought so much character to the first three films.

In my opinion, John Williams may be the greatest American composer ever. Even if you prefer a different composer, we can agree that Williams is the most heard composer ever, which may be higher honor. 

His popularity is a result of the integral role his music plays in defining characters and storytelling with each film score.
Before you play anything, think about the characters you are representing. Your playing will become more memorable. 

Use this melody to work on all articulation styles. I play legato in my video, but you can also explore other styles like the pointed tenuto horn melody at 1:15 in the video below.

Which ever articulation you choose, pay close attention as you change keys. If you notice any inconsistencies, sing the intervals around the weak spot and try again.

Most poor articulations are a result of unclear mental pictures, and the fastest way to clarify is singing. 

Happy Practicing!

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