John Williams – Harry Potter Sequence 2

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This sequence is based on a lyrical melody from the song Harry’s Wondrous World, written by John William’s for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Trumpeter/Podcaster/Blogger Ryan Beach has an awesome podcast episode about the music of Harry Potter. In the episode, he interview’s the Alabama Symphony‘s principal Pops conductor, Chris Confessore.


At the beginning of the episode, Confessore talks about the unique experience of conduct a movie score with a live orchestra, as well as unpacking a handful of the musical themes that pop up in the first two movies.

Ryan and Chris that the theme of this sequence often is matched up to big sweeping shots of Hogwarts. To muggles like us, the image of a huge castle on a hill is awe inspiring. In addition to the wonder and amazement, this theme has a nostalgic feel to it. It ties into how these young wizards would feel at the end of term when they have to say goodbye for the summer.

Check out John Williams conducting the LA Philharmic in the video below. I am stoked to see my colleague Phil Keen playing lead bone, and mute making bass trombonist Steve Trapani holding down the bottom end.


Strive for a rich, resonant sound that would fill every inch of the great hall at Hogwarts. Seamlessly connect each note to represent the magic flowing through the walls, and fill your phrasing with the love you feel for the friends you are missing right now.

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Happy Practicing!

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