The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back Sequence

This sequence is based on the funky bass line from the Jackson 5‘s 1969 hit, I Want You Back.


This song was the first Jackson 5 single to be released by Motown Records, and the first of four consecutive number-one-hits for the band. Their first album was called Diana Ross presents the Jackson 5, and not only is the title a nod to Mrs. Ross for discovering the band, but it’s also a great reminder that all musical giants start out as unknowns.

The Bass Man

Many of the hits that came out of Motown feature bass lines played by legendary Detroit studio bassist James Jamerson. But this song, and many of the Jackson 5 songs was recorded in LA.

Saxophonist/Bassist Wilton Felder is the musician we have to thank for this funky groove. Felder contributed to all sorts of hits in his career, but is best known as a founding member of the Jazz Crusaders. Check out his funky bass line in isolation below.


Strive for a rich, clear sound with crisp articulations to match the plucked strings of Felder’s 60’s Fender Precision Bass (thanks Nick Rosaci). Make sure your pulse is steady and your rhythm grooves enough to make people get up and dance!

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Happy Practicing!

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