Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son Sequence

Inspired by the arrival of my son, Dante Rockwell Baker, this sequence comes from the hit song, Carry On My Wayward Son by the rock band Kansas.

Rock Trombones

I had heard this song many times growing up, but the first time I thought about trying to play it was in 2012 when the Maniacal 4 trombone quartet’s arrangement went viral on youtube. Check out below! My buddy Matt Jefferson sounds like beast on bass trombone.

Maniacal Lesson

I have so much respect for these guys because they 1) make the trombone cool, and 2) they make the music that they want to hear.

Whether they are arranging an album of their favorite rock songs, learning classic trombone quartets, or writing their own music, M4 expanded the world of trombone quartetting. Take a page from their book and play the music that you love, no matter what instrument played it first.


This lick is originally played on guitar and bass, so make sure each note pops like the sound of a plucked string. I play straight through the sequence in the example video, but you will get more out of your practice if you repeat each key a few times and get in a groove.

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Happy Practicing!!

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