Hindemith – Symphonic Metamorphosis Sequence 1

This sequence is based on the theme from the Scherzo movement of Paul Hindemith‘s Symphonic Metamorphosis of theme by Carl Maria von Weber.


Paul Hindemith was a remarkable musician. The words composer, violinist, violist, conductor only begin to describe him and his effect on the music world.

He blazed his own path, creating his own musical system built around intervals rather than scales, and learned every wind, brass, and string instrument so he could understand how to write music fo them. His sonatas for wind instruments, chamber music, and orchestral pieces are some of the finest works of all time.

The idea for writing a piece based on Weber melodies was planted in his head in 1940 by the choreographer and dancer LĂ©onide Massine, who wanted Paul to write ballet music. Although Massine and Hindemith disagreed about how strictly Weber’s themes would be interpreted, the feeling of dancing clearly made its way into the piece. Check out the NY Philharmonic playing this below.


This melody is the main theme of the Scherzo 2nd movement. Scherzo means dance, so make this baby groove! Strive for a lively sound that is full of joy. Make sure to observe all of the articulation markings. I find this grooves better if I think about using the 8th note groups to phrase toward quarters.


Since this theme often appears on orchestral low brass auditions, and I just created Audition Sequences Volume 1 for low brass players, I thought this would be a great way for people to test my system to find out if it helps you internalize the unique melody.

I’m giving away an Audition Sequence book to someone who records and shares themselves playing this sequence. Every key you record and share gives you an addition entry into the giveaway. Record all 12 to maximize your chances to win. All giveaway info can be found on INSTAGRAM.

Basic Rules below:

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Happy Practicing!

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***Parts updated on 4/20/20 @ 11:30am. Now include the sequence that starts on concert A. Thank you Guytano Martorano for catching the error**

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