The Beatles – Penny Lane Sequence

This sequence is based on the first Piccolo Trumpet solo from Penny Lane by The Beatles. 

During a recording session on January 12th, 1967, Paul McCartney couldn’t stop talking about a “tiny little trumpet” that he had seen on a late night BBC2 television series the night before. 

Producer and “5th Beatle” George Martin recognized the piccolo trumpet, and the trumpeter, David Mason, who happened to be his friend and the principal trumpet of the Philharmonia Orchestra. It turns out Paul had seen Mason performing the Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #2 with the English Chamber Orchestra. They called him up, and Mason came to the studio on January 17th. 

The recording was done on Bb piccolo trumpet. They spent hours working out parts. Paul singing, George transcribing, and Mason demonstrating. When the recording was to be made, Mason played the part perfectly the first time through! For more background, check out THIS LINK.

Penny Lane is a suburban district in Liverpool close to the childhood homes of a few Beatles. This song is full of nostalgia and happy memories. Before you play, summon up some of your favorite memories from childhood to get you in the right mood. 

Strive for a bright, happy sound with crisp clear articulations. Make sure to feel the pulse during the held notes and take some time to work out the intonation on each individual arpeggio. 

Huge thanks to friend and Trumpet Virtuoso Huw Morgan for recording this sequence! Check out Huw’s amazing Solo Playing as well as his chamber playing with internationally renowned brass septet, Septura.

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Happy Practicing!

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