Ludwig Göransson – The Mandalorian Sequence

The Mandalorian Sequence is based on music written by Ludwig Göransson as the main theme for Disney’s, The Mandalorian.


Jon Favreau has had quite a career as an actor, and now leaves his mark on our minds with his work behind the camera. His first big success as a director was Elf (2003), and his career exploded with Iron Man (2008) and the Avengers movies that came later. Now he is on to live action Disney remakes like Lion King and Jungle Book, as well as expanding the Star Wars universe with Solo, and The Mandalorian.

I can only imagine how fun it must be for any storyteller to inherit the Star Wars universe, and have the galaxy sized Disney budget helping you bring it to life.

The Mandalorian tells the story of a lone bounty hunter and his missions to the outer reach of the galaxy. His first mission is to retrieve “the child” who turns out to be Baby Yoda, sparking a multi-season story about keeping the child safe, and discovering its true home. The show is great, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ludwig Göransson

As I said in the intro to my video, I do not envy anyone writing NEW music for the Star Wars universe. John Williams’ scores for the original trilogy and the modern sequels are some of the best movie scores ever, and create a black hole that furiously devours most movie music.

Luckily for Favreau and The Mandalorian, Ludwig Göransson is equipped with a modern set of compositional and production skills.

He got his break in 2009 with the comedy show Community, where he met Donald Glover, sparking a relationship that would help him transcend the film music industry. Together, they have released four albums, earning Grammy Nominations including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Redbone“.

How many film composers double as Grammy-Nominated Record Producers? Answer: not many.

In 2019, Göransson’s score for Black Panther won the Academy Award for Best Original Score, cementing his place at the peak of the movie music industry.


The music for The Mandalorian is memorable, powerful, and a perfect representation of the bounty hunter Mando. It is grittier and edgier than the original Star Wars music, and has elements that make me think of old western movie scores.

Like Mando, this music sneaks up on you and suddenly kicks into action like a gunfight. Powerful choirs of horns appear in the distance in a heroic gallop, then split into battle formation in a flourish.

This sequence focuses on the gallop theme, and makes a wonderful articulation study.

Strive for a steady tempo, crisp articulations, and an active tone as you blow your sound to the outer reaches of the galaxy. THIS IS THE WAY!

If you like this sequence, you may enjoy The Force Theme by John Williams.

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