Beethoven – Leonore Overture No. 2 Sequence featuring Ryan Beach

This sequence is based on the offstage trumpet solo from Beethoven’s Leonore Overture #2. This week’s sequence is brought to you by my friend and trumpet virtuoso, Ryan Beach. In addition to playing Principal Trumpet with the Alabama Symphony, Ryan has been pumping out insightful blog posts and musical podcasts for the last year. Check out his fantastic work at


Beethoven worked and reworked the overture to his lone opera Fidelio, gifting music fans with FOUR versions. In his quest to perfect the overture, Beethoven accidentally created something so big and dramatic that it overshadowed the light opening scenes of the opera. He continued refining until he landed on what we now know as the Fidelio overture, with his other versions becoming the numbered Leonore overtures.

This sequence comes from Leonore Overture No. 2, which was the overture played at the 1805 premiere of Fidelio. Check out the beautiful performance below of the London Symphony lead by a young Bernard Haitink. The excerpt begins at 10:57.


Ryan does a beautiful job describing the story behind this solo. Florestan is being held in a prison and the trumpet represents a minister coming to get him out.

Strive for a rich sound that will inspire HOPE. Make sure every note starts with a crisp, clear articulation, so you sound bold and heroic. Work on this slowly so you can learn your horn’s pitch tendencies to dial in the intonation of this major arpeggio.

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Happy Practicing!

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