Jules Levy – Grand Russian Fantasia Sequence featuring Buddy Deshler

This sequence is based on the first theme from Jules Levy’s Grand Russian Fantasia. This week’s sequence is brought to you my friend and trumpet star, Buddy Deshler. Buddy is a trumpeter for the Dallas Brass, founder of the Fredericksburg Brass Institute, and the creator of The Entrepreneurial Student interactive workshop.

Jules Levy

Arguably the first cornetist to ever be recorded, London-born Jules Levy immigrated to America and became a cornet soloist, composer, and teacher. His son, Jules Levy Jr. also went on to be a great musician.

Grand Russian Fantasia is a beautiful piece Levy wrote for solo cornet that has been recorded by many world class musicians including Wynton Marsalis. Check out the video below of Buddy performing a new arrangement of GRF by Marcus Grant with the Pittsburgh based brass ensemble, The Brass Roots.


Strive to create a rich foundation on the lower notes of this melody to help you sing through the ascending slurs. This is the first statement of the theme, so keep it simple, singing, and beautiful.

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Happy Practicing!

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