Shostakovich – Festive Overture Sequence 1

This piece starts with a regal fanfare before launches into an exhilarating second section that is built around the melody featured in this sequence. This piece has grown to be one of my favorite overtures, and is yet another reason why I LOVE SHOSTAKOVICH.

I have three favorite recordings. Scottish National/Jaarvi, Boston Symphony/ Nelsons (Jim Markey is a GOD), and the Brass Band of Battle Creek live at the BBBC. They are all awesome in different ways, but one thing that is consistent is the incredible energy of the ensemble and the presence of the bass trombone sound. When you make a great sound on bass trombone, it is damn near impossible to cover everyone up. The trumpets, horns, and tenor bones all have their own sounds and their own bore sizes. The bass trombone sound occupies its own place in the sound scape. Feast my friends!

Strive to sound like a confident comrade, wrapped in your country’s flag while you celebrate how lucky we all are to be alive. Use your most clear, brilliant sound and make sure to phrase toward the longer notes. Sneak your breaths at the ends of the tied notes but make sure to maintain your tempo….for the MOTHERLAND!

Happy Practicing!!

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