Ryan Elder – Rick and Morty Sequence

This sequence comes from the main theme to Rick and Morty, written by Ryan Elder.


For me, television is a rare treat that I use to waste time. I know there are plenty of shows out there that are well made and could be considered a decent use of one’s time, but I almost always feel like trash after I watch TV. As a result, I gravitate towards shorter shows that are funny, but still make me think a bit. Rick and Morty fills this slot perfectly.

For those that don’t know the show, It follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez (smartest man in the universe, basically uses his science skills to be an all powerful magician), and his grandson Morty Smith. Rick has created a portal gun that allows him to jump to any of the infinite realities that exist, opening up infinite story possibilities.

The show creates all sorts of wild humor by juxtaposing the the crazy Machevellian ego of Rick with the naive but grounded moral compass of Morty. They split their time between exploring the universe and dealing with normal suburban life. 

Ryan Elder

Ryan Elder is a TV/Film composer who is known for his diverse, eclectic comedy sci-fi scores. Elder does a fantastic job of creating a sound world that reflects Rick and Morty’s interdimensional travel, and wide ranging show themes. He started playing violin in his youth and studies music in college. Check out the video below on his work flow for choosing the sounds and creating the music to Rick and Morty.


The main theme has a winding nature to it, suggesting a minor-ish key, and the sounds take the storytelling deeper. There is a pulsating sound that makes me think of space portals and the melody is sung out by something resembling a theramin. It has an electric wobble to it and slides from note to note.

Strive to start the first note clearly with the greatest sound in the universe and phrase smoothly toward the final note. As always, listen to the original (below) to dial in the style.

This sequence will help you improve your sound, lyrical playing, and minor scales.

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Happy Practicing!

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