Rebelution – Sky is the Limit Sequence

This sequence is based on the sizzling horn line that starts Sky is the Limit, the first song off of Rebelution’s 3rd studio album, Peace of Mind.


Rebelution started in the mid 2000’s on the campus of UC Santa Barbara. The original band members were classmates, and they built their following by playing loads of local shows and independently recording and releasing an EP.

Their first album, Courage to Grow, was a huge breakthrough for the band, grabbing listeners with singable melodies, socially conscious lyrics, and great musicianship. Their next 5 albums dominated the #1 spot on reggae charts, making them one of the most popular reggae bands in the world.


I have enjoyed Rebelution’s music since about 2010/2011, and was pleasantly surprised to see a fellow UCLA Bruin, Zach Meyerowitz become their trumpet player. Zach and I were in the UCLA Big Band together for a handful of years. I remember Zach as a very friendly guy with expressive improv chops, and it is a trip to see him touring the world now.

Trumpets Left to Right – Derek Ganong, Daniel Richman, Zach Meyerowitz

Now that you have seen Zach, listen to him lay down the theme of this sequence.


This song is all about maximizing your life by removing the people that hold you down. Play this horn line with the uncompromising attitude of someone that truly knows that the sky is the limit!

This sequence will help you improve your sound, articulation, and minor scales.

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Happy Practicing!

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