Soule – Skyrim Dragonborn Sequence

This sequence is based on the Jeremy Soule’s soul-stirring main theme to Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim. The Song of the Dragonborn.

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Jeremy Soule

Jeremy Soule has made quite a name for himself in the video game music world. He has composed over 60 video game soundtracks,  including The Elder ScrollsGuild WarsIcewind Dale, and Harry Potter series.

He started studying piano and composition at a young age, and bypassed music school all together by sending a composition portfolio to LucasArts and Square. He was promptly hired by Square, launching his composition career.

After a handful of years in the industry, Jeremy and his brother, Julian, formed Soule Media (now Artistry Entertainment). Their first large project  Icewind Dale, won the best music of the year award from both IGN and GameSpot, solidifying their place in the video game music world.

They have since gone on to score tons of hit games, including the subject of this sequence, Skyrim.


Skyrim continues the Elder Scrolls game series that is one of the most popular RPG series ever created. Players control a customizable central character who they guide through the game world.

In Skyrim, your character is a Dragonborn: a mortal with the soul and power of a dragon. This explains why the game’s creative director envisioned a main theme song sung by a choir of barbarians. Soule took him up on the offer, raising the stakes by helping to create a new draconic language for the barbarians to sing. Epic, to say the least. Check it out below.


Strive for a bold sound, as if you are the leader of the Barbarian choir. Use the 16th notes to propel your phrases over the bar line and help you build musical momentum as you play.

This sequence will improve your sound, articulation, tongue coordination, and major scales.

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Happy Practicing!

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