Berlioz – Symphony Fantastique Sequence 1

This sequence is based on the old melody known as the Dies Irae, as it appears at the end of the 5th movement of Hector Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique

The Dies Irae has been used in many orchestral works, but Berlioz brings it to life by giving the melody to a surly bunch of bassoons, ophicleides, and serpents, before passing it to the trombones and the rest of the brass.

Play this sequence AT LEAST 2 ways. 
1) Big Bold Bell Tones, as demonstrated in the video
2) Even, round, vocal phrases as if you are a monk, chanting a dark incantation.

This sequence will help you with your clarity of articulation, ringing sound, and attention to note shapes. 

Happy Practicing!

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Excerpt starts at 51:04

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