The Beatles – Day Tripper Sequence

This sequence is based on the catchy guitar riff central to The Beatles song Day Tripper.

Willie likes The Beatles

My parents were born in the 50s, which means BeatleMania had taken over the world by the time they were 10 years old. They loved the music, but were slightly too young to be fawning over the band, or get caught up in the psychedelic movement that influenced the second half of the band’s career.

My Dad’s biggest tribute to the band was singing along to albums at home, and even playing the songs on guitar. I cant say for certain, but the music of the Beatles was probably some of the first music that ever hit my little baby ear drums.

It’s no surprise that when I started asking my Dad to teach me to play guitar, this riff from Day Tripper was one of the first things I learned to play. I had no idea what the song was about, and I wouldn’t have understood if you told me.


To put it plainly, this song is about taking LSD. In a 2004 interview, McCartney said the song title is a play on words referring to both a tourist on a day-trip and a “trip” in the sense of a psychedelic experience. He went on to say it was about people who act like hippies on the weekend.

In the 1997 book, Many Years From Now, McCartney describes it as “a tongue-in-cheek song about someone who was … committed only in part to the idea. Whereas we saw ourselves as full-time trippers”.

One thing is certain, Full-time trippers, Day-Trippers, and those just high on life can agree that this is a great song.


Strive for a rich sound that maintains its intensity as if its coming out of a guitar amp. Keep the articulations crisp to match the pop of a plucked string.

I organized this sequence using the circle of 5ths so you can play along to the song if you want to.

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Happy Practicing!

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2 thoughts on “The Beatles – Day Tripper Sequence

  1. Michael Reiss

    How could Lennon have said anything in a 2004 interview when he died in 1980? Did they interview his ghost or something?

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