Miranda – The Story of Tonight Sequence (from Hamilton)

This sequence is based on the chorus from The Story of Tonight, from Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s musical Hamilton.


This fourth song in the musical Hamilton is short but incredibly potent. The song takes place late at night in a pub in 1776 as Alexander HamiltonJohn LaurensHercules Mulligan and Marquis de Lafayette declare their loyalty to the newly started-revolution.

I find inspiration in people standing up for ideas that are bigger than themselves. Modern people, especially Americans, reap huge dividends in simple freedoms that were created by people thinking ahead of their time.

“Raise a glass to freedom. Something they can never take away, no matter what they tell you. Raise a glass to the four of us. Tomorrow there’ll be more of us, singing the story of tonight!”

I am a sucker for protagonists standing up for freedom. Maybe it’s my obsession with William Wallace from the movie Braveheart, my handful of relatives who served in the armed forces, or my daily gratitude for winning the lottery and being born in the USA. No matter the source, I am incredibly thankful for having the general freedom to do what I want, love who I want, believe what I want, say what I want. As Jocko Willink says, “Freedom isn’t free.”


Strive for a passionate, inspired sound. One that would make a passerby stop to listen. The articulations are written in to observe how you might sing the words, but you can choose any articulations you like. This sequence is a great way to explore scale degrees seven through five, similar to Clarke 2.

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Happy Practicing!

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