Tchaikovsky/Disney – Once Upon a Dream Sequence

This sequence is based on the beautiful song from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Once Upon a Dream.


I always wondered why this song stuck in my head more than other Disney songs, and now I realize it’s because it was based on a melody from Tchaikovsky‘s Sleeping Beauty. Tchaikovsky’s ballet music is full of ear-worm melodies, and this one is as good as they come.

Its lyrics were written by Jack Lawrence and Sammy Fain while the music is adapted from Tchaikovsky by George Bruns.

The real star of the show is soprano Mary Costa, who sang the role of Aurora and performed as an operatic soprano with the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House, the Bolshoi, and the San Francisco opera, to name a few. With a voice as rich and expressive as she has, her list of accomplishments comes as no surprise.


Strive for your richest tone, inspired by the beautiful voice of Mrs. Costa and the dreamy love she sings about. Dance from downbeat to downbeat to give this a sweeping waltz feel as you sculpt a lovely melodic line.

This sequence is great as a gentle warm up and phrasing study.

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I hope this song gets you in the mood for a magical spring!

Happy Practicing!

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