Siddartha Khosla – This Is Us Sequence

This sequence is based on the soaring cello melody from the music that closes episodes of This Is Us, written by Siddartha Khosla.


If you didn’t know, November’s sequences were inspired by my lovely wife Caroline. The Mandalorian, Avengers, and HTTYDragon are shows/movies that we have enjoyed together. Schitt’s Creek and This Is Us are shows that she usually enjoys solo but I have watched enough to know the characters and general story.

Although I have only seen bits of This Is Us, the quality of the story, acting, and music is very clear. The comparing of multiple timelines show how past events plant the seeds of future behaviors, and always make me reflect on my impact as a Husband/Father/Son/Brother/Uncle/Friend. The acting quality has been recognized by critics, as the cast earned SAG Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2018 & 2019. The music is also quite good, thanks to composer Siddartha Khosla.

Siddartha Khosla

Khosla has a fascinating history. He was raised by his grandparents in India while his parents paid for their graduate school studies in America by working at night. Since international phone calls were expensive in the 70s, his main connection to his parents came from listening to cassette tapes of his mother singing and saying how much she loved him. Music became central to Siddartha’s life. He wrote the song Evergreen Cassette about this very experience, and it was featured on the first season of This Is Us.

Siddartha grew to love the music of his Indian heritage, as well as Western bands like The Smiths, The Cure, The Beatles and Paul Simon. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, playing vintage electric and acoustic guitars, rare organs, Eastern instruments like the harmonium and the Greek bouzouki, Flemish harpsichords and vintage analog synthesizers in his music.

In addition to Film and TV music, he writes/sings/plays music with his band Goldspot.


This sequence is based on the music he wrote for the closing of each episode of This Is Us. It features a beautiful lyrical cello voice singing along to rhythmic, pulsing piano chords.

This sequence is great for working on your sound, range, and legato style. Strive to make your sound RING with the joy of the holiday season. Feel the pulse as you sing on the long notes so you can enjoy the unexpected rhythm in the penultimate bar.

As always, listen to the original (linked above) to dial in the style.

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Happy Practicing!

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