Kondo – The Legend of Zelda Sequence

This sequence is based on the original theme to The Legend of Zelda, written by Koji Kondo.


It is rare for someone to build an entire career off of two creations, but Koji Kondo did just that. Within a few years of working in sound design for Nintendo, Kondo wrote the overworld theme to the original Super Mario Bros (1985) and The Legend of Zelda (1986).

Those two games turned into cornerstone franchises for Nintendo, with countless spinoff games and guest appearances by the main characters.


Kondo loved to create different themes for each game that would represent distinct characters or places. He would contrast the heroic and uplifting overworld theme with a dark and brooding dungeon theme. This layering added depth to the characters introduced by the animation.

This idea paved the way for more involved musical scores that matched the growing complexity of the games.


Legend has it that Kondo planned to use Maurice Ravel’s Bolero as the music for The Legend of Zelda. Fortunately, late in the game development process he learned that Bolero was still under copy rite and was forced to write some music. Channeling his inner Shostakovich, Kondo pulled an all night composition session and ended up with this theme. I, for one, consider it a big upgrade.


Strive for a sound that represents our courageous hero, Link. Play boldly, with crisp articulations and relentless phrasing that leads to the epic climax.

This sequence will help you improve your march style and sound.

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Happy Practicing!

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